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Are you tired of going out without makeup at all and somehow you’d like to start wearing natural makeup but you don’t know how? Well, you’ve come to the right place since the ‘woke up like this’ makeup tips are here for you.

To achieve the fresh and natural makeup we are talking about, you’d need to learn some things. The key here is to avoid looking too bright, too dark or too cakey and opt for colors that are similar to your natural skin tone. At the end of the day, some want their faces to look flawless like they’re not wearing makeup at all. Easy as it sounds while talking about it, when putting these tips into practice things can get a little complex. Worry not because we’re here for you. In order to do your natural makeup just right, and be content with it, follow the below tips carefully:

tips for natural makeup
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Before applying moisturizer, your skin should be gently cleaned and fresh. Then to prepare the skin for the upcoming makeup, start applying a thin layer of moisturizer all over your face. Moisturizer is beneficial because it hydrates and protects your skin during the day. It’s also the basic step towards the scales of wearing natural makeup.

Concealer is the ever dependable and multi-purpose product that every woman loves. There are different thoughts on whether the concealer should be applied before or after foundation, but we prefer to use it beforehand. This depends on whether you like it on the form of a liquid or cream (both forms work well though). Concealer is used to cover dark circles, pigmentation and other skin imperfections. Pat a pea size under your eyes then blend it. Usually, you have to opt for one or two shades lighter than your natural foundation color.

Pick a color that adapts to your natural skin tone, whether it is light, medium, or dark. For an excellent coverage, apply more foundation to the places where you feel your skin is more problematic. However, make sure to be sparse and to blend it as much as you can for a seamless ending. If you feel that you are not reaching a good result with your hands, use a flat brush or a blending sponge. This makeup tip ensures that your foundation is long-lasting and your face makeup stays intact from day into night.

Choose a blusher that is as close to your natural flush as possible. A soft and subtle hue will do, and StyleCaster suggests choosing a peach color because they look more natural and tend to look great on everyone. However, if you have a fair skin tone then use powder blush, while if you have a dark skin tone choose a brownish one. After making a decision, sweep blush onto the apples of your cheeks and continue to blend until the color is not too concentrated only in one area. Go on until a natural pink undertone is showed, in both lines of your cheekbones.

tips for natural makeup

Eyes are the most delicate part to master, but the rule is excluded here because we need to go as au-naturel as possible. We know that eyeliner plays a great role in giving your eyes the shape you want and enhance them, but here it’s a big NO. You must apply only one thin coat of mascara. If your lashes are already thick, don’t do it at all. You might just curl them for a few seconds and that’s all. Whereas for your lids, WebMD suggests that you can use skin-tone-friendly shades. Go for shades that don’t sit on the skin and DON’T make it obvious you’re wearing makeup. As you wouldn’t like that if you’re opting for a natural look.

You can pick a pencil or powder product to fill in your brows a bit, but ensure you don’t go heavy. Here as well, you have to choose the color that is matchy with your natural eyebrow color. Powders are usually more favorable because they tend to give our brows a natural arch. It’s essential not to have a strong and heavy line, but just give them a little shape. Apply ‘the littler the better’ rule.

When choosing a lip color, try to choose one that compliments your skin one. Pink, peach, and sand colors are lighter and give you a natural look. Or you can avoid putting lipstick and use a nude lip balm or a little gloss. However, keep it as simple and natural as you can.

To take up the notch you’ll need to make sure all of those hours of work are not going to slide off your face right after you step outside. So, in order for your makeup to look flawless and not crease nor melt after you go outside this last tip should be considered. All you need for this tip is to apply a mist of a make-up setting spray time to time during the day, and your natural makeup is good to go.

tips for natural makeup

Since going totally bare-faced, nor wearing a ton of makeup is not your kind of go-to, we hope that these tips will help you do your best at enhancing your natural beauty the way you like! Hey, natural makeup – We love thee!

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